everyday yoga

Julie St. Clair is a certified Yoga Teacher (RYT200) leading practices anywhere, everywhere, everyday. She trained in the style of the teachings of Krishnamacharya, the father of modern yoga, and structures graceful Hatha & Vinyasa style practices with a focus on what is right for the individual. her practices are ideal for those interested in the spirit of the original yogis who observed animals and nature, noting beauty and abilities, and became what they observed. Julie is available for group or private practice.

Until her move to Yakima, Spring of 2018, Julie lead weekly practices in Seattle at Seattle Center, HOME Yoga, Zum Fitness, Green Lake Fitness, Brookdale & Aljoya senior living communities and with private clients.  Julie now teaches at Apple Tree Resort Monday & Wednesday 10-11 am, Yakima Athletic Club Monday & Wednesday 12-1pm, and at the Yoga Collective (YOCO - check the website for times).

Contact Julie at 510-387-7500, julie@juliestclair.com

"Julie was our beloved yoga practice leader in our home for 1 1/2 years, before her move to Yakima.  Having her develop our practice has truly been transformative.  Four of us practiced together - my husband and I in our late 60’s and 70’s, and our daughter and friend, both in their late 40’s.  We each had our strengths and weaknesses, but Julie was wonderful at working with each of us, and being able to do so without disrupting the practice for our group.  My husband and I definitely have benefited in our balance and flexibility, and my daughter and her friend have improved their strength, as well as enhancing control with their flexibility.  In addition to the physical improvements, the meditative manner in which she led the practice was perfect.  We were able to each focus on our own practice as her voice guided us through the poses and flows.  It has been a life-enhancing experience for each of us, and our new yoga instructor has even commented on how well we are able to work through our current practice." 

Paula Muller & Family, Private Practice 


"I’ve been very lucky to have had Julie for a yoga instructor. She is extremely skilled as both a practitioner and teacher. As a rank beginner, I was somewhat apprehensive (not to say a bit intimidated) about starting a new regimen. Through her clear instructions and understanding demeanor, Julie made the postures very accessible to everyone in the class. 
With time, I gained somewhat more of a perspective as to the order of the class, the pace of the class, and the connection between the postures themselves." 

Bruce Brown, Greenlake Fitness. 

"While Julie is a very good teacher, there is another dimension that makes her classes special...she is passionate about yoga. This passion is evident in the way she encourages her students to connect with the process. She understands that this is more than just a stretching or calisthenics class. She engages her students with this added dimension that one can explore in this practice."   

Donna Linn, Greenlake Fitness.


I am so grateful to have had your patient work with me. Your knowledge of muscle groups and movement were just what I needed.Stuck in a wheelchair for three years now, every muscle needs to be woken up.Julie guided me to little victories that keep my hope alive that I can be active again. I can keep working and know I can make a difference, not just waiting for a miracle. The brain, the body, the breath, getting back together. Balance, srength, awareness. Our toolbox.

Susan Tehon, Private Student at Brookdale,Stroke Casualty, Assisted Living.