I have worked with some aspect of creating photographic imagery my entire career -  as a freelance photographer, photo art director, creative director, video director, producer and editor and now, as an artist. Photography has graciously given me a vehicle to recount my human experience involving in the things I’m curious about - the Nature of Plants & Gardens, Architecture & Design, and the Pieces of Life found in traveling outside ones’ constructed existence we call home.

In the process of creating my photographic artworks I explore the energy produced between multiple images from sometime disparate places, as they are given the opportunity to join as one. Together, the collection of images move any single image beyond the range of its own limits. There’s a moment of transcendence when it becomes clear to me that a certain collaboration is taking place and the evolution of the moments captured emerge as new existences.

Julie St. Clair lives in Seattle , Washington.  Studied Fine Art and Commercial Photography at the Academy of Art, San Francisco.

EXHIBITION: MOTHERLAND - Center on Contemporary Art (CoCA), Seattle WA; Spring 2019

Contact me if you are interested in my work - mailto:julie@juliestclair.com