I have worked with some aspect of creating photographic imagery my entire career -  as a photographer, photo art director, creative director, video director, producer and editor.

My current work explores the engagement and energy between images as they are pulled together and forced to join as one. There is a moment when it becomes clear to me that the images are alive and participating in some way and a certain collaboration starts, as the collection of images begin to move any single image beyond the range of its own limits. I seek out images of light, color and texture - captured in soft focus to erase boundaries - and layer them with images of hard elements gathered from everywhere - public sculpture, graffiti, architecture, nature, food - anything I experience in the world that calls to me as a single image.

Lifestyle Images: To me there is nothing more pleasurable than traveling and cooking. I love to cook, to feed people. But, even more, it's what transpires at the table that is magical: being served ones’ basic needs elicits a kind of euphoria and I am compelled to capture the “thing” that causes that emotion.

Julie St. Clair  lives in Yakima , Washington.  Studied Fine Art and Commercial Photography at the Academy of Art, San Francisco.

EXHIBITION: MOTHERLAND - Center on Contemporary Art (CoCA), Seattle WA; Spring 2019

Contact me if you are interested in my work - mailto:julie@juliestclair.com